Defence Medical Care

Our GPs are particularly sensitive to the needs of the families of members of the Defence Force.

It can be a difficult, stressful and sometimes lonely life for partners, children and even extended family members, particularly when the member has been away on multiple deployments.

Many families are not from Brisbane and may not have the help of extended family members or know the full range of support facilities available to them.

Dr Trish Baker, who has looked after Defence Force families in the area for 12 years, commented "I am very impressed by the resourcefulness of Army wives. We can add to that by being here to look after their physical and mental well-being. And we do that in a variety of ways and always with compassion, understanding and positive solutions".

The team at Medicine on Blackwood understands it takes a village to raise a healthy, well-balanced child and work with parents to achieve that for all the families in their care.