Medication Reviews and Living with Chronic Disease

Medication errors and failure to meet best practice prescribing in the management of chronic medical conditions are major factors which influence poor health outcomes.

At Medicine on Blackwood, your GP lead team will work with you to optimize your health, particularly if you have several chronic medical conditions.

Everyone wants to be as well as they can be and to enjoy life fully. We will work with you to optimize your health. If you have a medical condition, which is not optimally controlled and you need medication, or if you have several chronic medical conditions requiring a number of different medications, you might benefit by having a medication review with one of our pharmacists.

We will arrange for you to be referred to a pharmacist who will see you in your own home. The pharmacist will explain to you what each medication you take is for, ensure you understand what you take and make sure you are taking it at the right time in the best way. The pharmacist's report will form part of your patient records.

The pharmacist will look for drug interactions with other medications you might be taking which is why it will be important to include both prescribed and over the counter medications in the review. A written report will be sent to your doctor who will discuss the medication review with you, taking all your clinical information into consideration, and decide if improvements can be made.

We encourage a family member or friend to attend the appointment to provide another set of ears or take notes for you.

Are you living with a chronic disease?

Talk with your doctor about how to prevent or better manage chronic disease like diabetes, asthma, heart disease and arthritis. Many Australians live with a chronic disease and we can help you maintain your independence and stay as healthy as possible.